Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sri Lankan Cricket Crisis! Who to blame?

First they came for Sanga-Mahela.
They stood up. They fought back!
Then they came for Malinga. We didnt speak.
Then they came for Mathews. We didn't speak.

      Despite his questionable captaincy Angelo Mathews has neen the best batsmen for us over the last two years with a batting average of 59 and the highest run scorer of the recently concluded South African series has been dropped.

Why? Because he hit back at the cricket board for making him the scape goat.

We wanted the captain changed. 
Mathews stepped down from Captaincy.
We had 6 (SIX) captains during last two years. We ran out of captains and at one point even Chamara Kapugedara had to come and captain a match.
Utimately Cricket board and the coach had to ask Mathews to take over again.

We wanted the coach changed.
We had FIVE coaches for last 4 years. Some kept leaving and we sacked some. At one point NO ONE wanted to come and take over. And the cricket board had to go and fall in Hathurusinghes feet and not only had to offer him the highest salary ever paid but also had to beg him to come. He came. Have things changed?

What are we missing?

I think everyone will agree that the current lot of national players are a sub standard lot. They neither can bowl nor bat or field in international level. Leave the international standards aside, they wont even stand a chance in an IPL team even if they were a local.
Its not their fault really.
When the other countries have upped their standards by playing high intensity competitive domestic leagues and cricket, when they have been exposed to high standards of quality cricket, they naturally come out as top notch players with proper seasoned talent and game awareness.
Where as we are still playing school boy cricket./crude talent is what all they have.
 Not exposed to high pressure situations. No game awareness. Nothing. There is a huge gap between our domestic sand international standards and its not their fault that there is no bridge in between.

When the other countries are willing to pay millions of dollars for the cricketing brains of the likes of Mahela Jayawardena, he along with few others made a game plan and gave it to the cricket board for FREE. He wanted the number of domestic teams reduced so there will be more competitiveness.

But what did our friend Sumathipala do?

He put the said proposals straight to the dustbin and literally DOUBLED the number of domestic teams to cement his power within the board(Each team carries a vote iirc) thus further diluting an already diluted domestic circuit.

Its the same set of two or three names who've been controlling SLC for the last decade or two.
Its either Sumathipala or Darmadasa or a Ranathunga.
Today we are reaping what they've sow.
Series after series when things goes wrong they'll make  someone the scape goat or will sacrifice someones carrier and wipe their hands clean when they are the ones who should have been held responsible for the mess we are today.
If a player decided to strike back they'll make sure he will no longer be in the team or want to play cricket ever again.

So if you still want someones head you know whose head it should be.
Instead if still want players sacked tournament after tournament you are nothing but a proper coconut donkey who keeps changing the pillow cz you get headaches!



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